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The Profit Prescription

The Profit Prescription

So you've locked in your messaging, nailed your visuals and are looking like a total pro, ready for an audience... now what?

Enter: The Profit Prescription

It's time to take that incredible personal brand you've been working on and turn it into a profitable machine. Only without sales tactics or Bro-Marketing.

We're going to remove all of the overwhelm, confusion and anxiety that come with any mention of "sales funnels" and soon you'll see that your funnel is nothing but a beautiful client journey (that happens to be strategic, systematised and streamlined).

In other words, we're going to take all the hustle out of lead generation so you can spend more time doing what you love (and totally rock at).

Ready to become a well-paid In-Demand Brand? Let's do this.



Together we'll...

▷ Demystify sales funnels once and for all.
▷ Choose the right adventure for your own sales funnel (aka client journey)
▷ Deep-dive into your dream client's brain (hello, content strategy clarity!)
▷ Craft your signature framework (to eliminate the competition for good!)
▷ Uncover your story, values + special sauce


The point: To learn about each of the potential starting points (and traffic sources) of your funnel so you can choose the ones that feel most in alignment with your strengths, communication style and client journey.

What you'll actually do:

▷ Write captivating copy for your home page that immediately grabs their attention
▷ Create the most game-changing content strategy ever (in minimal time)
▷ Deep-dive on Social Media content creation + outreach so your socials are 🔥
▷ Get down and dirty with Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest + Facebook
▷ Learn how to launch + optimize a podcast, YouTube channel or blog
▷ Learn about 3 fun and easy traffic sources that most people ignore
▷ Use everything you learn to create a simple strategy that gets you SEEN + HEARD


The point: To get your new fan (and potential client) to take the next step with you so you can deepen the relationship and get them ready to work with you.

What you'll actually do:

▷ Create a deceptively simple lead magnet that's designed to lead to sales
▷ Become a list-building pro in minimal time so you can start building your asset
▷ Write a services page that actually gets the reader excited and taking action
▷ Learn how to create a profitable Facebook group with minimal effort
▷ Create an application form that does most of the selling FOR you


The point: Take know, like and trust to the next level by establishing yourself as THE expert they need while building genuine connection that sets you apart from the crowd.

What you'll actually do:

▷ Create simple but highly effective Thank You pages that wow your new lead
▷ Write a nurture sequence that builds trust while selling authentically
▷ Learn how to write killer weekly emails that actually get opened and clicked
▷ Curate your own special concoction of personal touches that blow their minds
▷ Learn how to "take it to the DMs" and have conversations that lead to sales


The point: Ask for the sale without feeling salesy thanks to truly understanding your client and the transformation they're looking for (that you're offering).

What you'll actually do:

▷ Get over sales call terror by following a simple structure that feels natural and genuine
▷ Write a sales page using a proven copywriting formula (and your clients own words)
▷ Write a promotional email sequence with your very collection of easy to follow templates
▷ Get creative and film a sales video that converts while you sleep
▷ Write & design a killer proposal that will blow your competition out of the water


The point: Use your clients' success to create MORE success, attracting more dream clients, more sales and more revenue... without breaking a sweat.

What you'll actually do:

This module is my own secret sauce. You'll have to enrol to get all the juicy details! ;)

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