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The Personal Branding Blueprint

The Personal Branding Blueprint


Take it from someone who knows: trying to attract an audience, monetise your influence and build a business is a slow and painful process if you're missing the foundations. I spent years trying to figure it out on my own which meant a ton of wasted time (and money... ouch) with very little to show for it.

I created this framework to give you the biggest possible kick-start I could - without cutting any corners or trying to cheat the system. In it, I break down what I call the 5 Cs of personal branding... the help I WISH I had when I was starting out. Here's a quick look at what it covers.


The point: To figure out and articulate what makes you special as well as getting a real understanding of your dream client so you know what you're aiming for.

What you'll actually do:

▷ Learn how to "message mine" through surveys, interviews & online detective work so you can start working on your messaging
▷ Use what you discovered to create a powerful client avatar based on psychology rather than demographics
▷ Write your backstory in a way that will resonate with your dream client
▷ Create your one-liner (and social media) bio so you can sum up what you do in a sentence


The point: Instil confidence in your audience with an inside out approach so they start to know, like and trust you (the first step to expert status!)

What you'll actually do:

▷Tackle those mental blocks and mindset challenges like perfectionism, imposter syndrome & employee mindset
▷ Learn a powerful re-frame exercise to help you overcome any negative thoughts that are bound to come up
▷ Give your online presence a clean sweep to make sure there's nothing undermining your professionalism
▷ Create a media one-pager and/or media page for your website so you make it easy to book podcast interviews, speaking gigs and more
▷ Create your Dream 100 list and start pitching yourself for opportunities so you can "borrow" their established audiences


The point: To make sure your written, visual and non-verbal communication is all sending the right message to the right people (and that you look good while you're doing it!)

What you'll actually do:

▷ Create a tone of voice guideline for yourself by identifying your core values, personality traits and other essentials
▷ Write an "about me" page that's actually about your dream client and gets them crazy excited to work with you
▷ Create a simple visual brand guideline document for yourself so your fonts, colours and visual elements are always consistent and on-brand
▷ Design your social media templates & aesthetic so it's visually appealing (but doesn't take over your life)
▷ Start designing a simple style "uniform" for yourself, both on-camera and off so you look and feel like the best version of yourself
▷ Plan your first (or next) personal branding photoshoot on any budget so your website and socials become client magnets before they even read a word
▷ Brainstorm some ways you can embody your brand in ways that set you apart from the competition and blow your clients' minds


The point: To make sure that whatever you start doing to build your brand, you do it without fail (and without it taking more time than it needs to)

What you'll actually do:

▷ Learn about implementing a project management system so you can stay organised, streamline your workflow & never skip a beat
▷ Start to use batching & time blocking in order to work smart and not harder – especially when it comes to content creation
▷ Commit to a scheduling system so you save time on emails and look 100 x more professional to potential clients
▷ Learn the S.O.A.R. method to remove unnecessary workload and keep you in your zone of genius for as long as possible each week
▷ Create a priority hierarchy so you make time for all the important things (including self-care) and don't get overwhelmed by your to do list
▷ Establish some accountability - both with yourself and others - to keep you on task even when you're having a challenging week (or year!)


The point: To make sure you're learning from everything you do so you can make improvements and understand where your ROI is coming from.

What you'll actually do:

▷ Get a crash course in what kind of results you should be keeping track of in order to follow your progress
▷ Learn the essentials of website & social media analytics so you can keep an eye on how your content is performing (and make tweaks as needed)
▷ Create customer surveys that ask the tough questions and allow you to level-up your client experience
▷ Develop an inner compass so you can start to make decisions based on your own wisdom rather than blindly following the advice of others
▷ Establish 1% work routines in order to play the long game and see compound interest on your efforts
▷ Have a checklist to return to any time something isn't working so you can make adjustments and get back on track (without panicking!)


The template library is constantly growing, but here's a list of some of the most popular ones included:

▷ Visual branding guidelines

▷ Client avatar

▷ Media Kit (aka One-Pager)

▷ Social media posts

▷ Instagram grid planner

▷ About page structure

▷ Airtable sales tracker

▷ Quarterly website & social media audit

...Plus a >60 page workbook full of exercises (and links to bonus resources) to complete as you work your way through the training.

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