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The Personal Branding Collective

The Personal Branding Collective

Ready to share your genius with the world but drowning in overwhelm, stuck behind perfectionism or simply don’t know where to start?

The Personal Branding Collective will teach you how to stop hiding, take bold (consistent!) action, build your authority and attract an audience of superfans ready to pay you for your expertise.

Most freelancers and solopreneurs I’ve helped were stuck in a loop of getting overworked and underpaid -- whether that was in a soul-crushing day job or the business that they created. In fact, I used to be there too. Because without a personal brand that makes you magnetic to your dream clients, you get stuck competing on price, saying yes to anything, and working yourself to the ground… without much to show for it.

On a scale of 1 to 10​

 How confident do you feel right now in your ability to:

🔘 Know where your audience (aka ideal client) is hanging out

🔘 Explain what you do in a way that excites your dream client

🔘 Create content that generates organic traffic AND builds your authority

🔘 Take people from viewing your content to signing up for your list

🔘 Take people from unengaged followers to paying superfans

🔘 Show up on social media in a way that builds genuine connection

🔘 Define what your brand looks like and sounds like

🔘 Know how to create a website that actually generates enquiry + income

That's a lot, right?

The fact is, to build a profitable brand, all of those things matter. And yes, a lot of them take time, knowledge and training, so you're not just "born" knowing what to do!

But here's the good news: 

I spent about 6 years, thousands of hours, and tens of thousands of dollars learning these things the hard (and slow and frustrating) way so you don't have to. And as someone who has done aaaall the courses, read the books, and obsessively consumed podcasts and blog articles... I know that consuming more content is not the answer.

The fact is, you probably have a ton ideas and strategies racing around your brain but the real issue is that you're not implementing them -- and you're definitely not doing it consistently.

That's why I decided to create a solution.


Your solution to ditch the overwhelm, commit to a proven plan and start doing the work that in time, will get you the results.

In this monthly membership, I'm giving you the ideal balance of training, resources, coaching, community and accountability to help you build a profitable brand.

With a focus on action and consistency, this is a membership for action takers. People like you who are hungry for results and are prepared to show up and take messy, imperfect action.

Each month we're going to commit to building one powerful habit that has the power to transform your brand - and your life - when done consistently. I'll give you the guidance and strategy you need (no fluff and no unnecessary stuff that will overwhelm you) to make it happen but the real magic is in the doing. 

...which is why The Personal Branding Collective's number 1 focus is on taking consistent, needle-moving action.

The Personal Branding Collective is the monthly membership for creative freelancers and digital entrepreneurs like you who are ready to start getting paid to do the things they love


have been doing it a while but know you've been playing small and are ready to take things to the next level

Here's a sneak peek at what to expect 👀​


Each month you'll get one deep dive masterclass on an important piece of the personal branding puzzle. Not just theory, though, the class will be designed to make sure you take immediate action and know how to apply what you learnt to build your brand.

Topics include social media strategy, growing a Facebook group, launching and growing a podcast or YouTube channel, building an email list, Search Engine Optimisation, sales funnels, storytelling & copywriting -- and each month you'll get to vote on what we cover in future months so the content is always relevant and useful!

All of the training will be available to you via your dashboard for as long as you're a member.


This is where the real magic happens because you're going to have me and a group of equally motivated & like-minded powerhouses to cheer you on, keep you accountable, give you feedback and make sure you keep showing up. You'll also have access to a monthly Q+A call so you can pick my brain on anything making sure you don't get stuck!

You'll be able to set weekly and monthly intentions, share your wins, workshop your blocks, show off your work and even collaborate with other members to help boost your audience growth and achieve your goals even faster.


Each month you'll be given a challenge specifically chosen to help you increase your visibility, build know/like/trust with your audience, grow your email list or implement some other positive habit that will help you take your personal brand from a hobby to an actual business.

By participating, you'll not only see tangible results for your brand, but you'll also have the chance to win 1:1 coaching, courses and other goodies!

So... are you ready to ditch the procrastination, self-sabotage and excuses so you can start building a profitable personal brand?​


The doors to The Personal Branding Collective are currently closed but will re-open in August 2020. So you don’t miss out, add yourself to the waitlist and you’ll also secure some early bird bonuses!

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